Using the Android Barcode Scanner Widget

The barcode detection widget processes frames from the device's camera checking for barcodes. A preview of the camera will be displayed within the widget's bounds, optionally overlaying barcode data when a barcode is detected.

The test stack

This test stack consists of

  • an Android Barcode Scanner widget
  • a label field
  • scrolling field to log the messages sent when a barcode is detected or clicked
  • a button to clear the log field

The Card Script

The Card Script contains the handlers for the messages sent by the Barcode Scanner Widget.

on barcodeDetected pBarcode, pID
   put "Detected:" & arrayToJSON(pBarcode,,true) & tab & pID & return before field "log"
end barcodeDetected

on barcodeClicked pBarcode
   put "Clicked:" & arrayToJSON(pBarcode,,true) & return before field "log"
end barcodeClicked
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Testing on Android

To test the app deploy it to an Android device.

In this example "Select Inclusions" is selected in the Standalone Application Settings to ensure the widget and mergJSON are included because mergJSON is used to display the barcode data in the log field.

When the camera is held over a barcode it will be detected and an overlay will be shown highlighting the barcode area and showing the barcode number. A barcodeDetected message is sent.

This overlay can be customised using the Android Barcode Widget properties.

If the user clicks on the barcode in the widget a barcodeClicked message is sent.


More documentation

You can find more details on how to use the Android Barcode Scanner in the Guide.



Works like a charm, thank you.
On the first standalone build an error occured which can be fixed according to this explanation:

Thanks, you are sooo great!

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