Where Do I Find Widget Documentation?

Each LiveCode widget is Documented in the Dictionary and has an associated Guide.

In this lesson we will look at the Documentation for an SVG Icon widget.

The LiveCode Dictionary

Open the Dictionary by clicking the Dictionary button in the Menubar.

Search for the Widget entry

A good place to start is to search for SVG and select the entry for the widget.

This will give you a high level description of the widget and a list of its properties and any messages it sends or receives.

You can follow the links to the full Dictionary entry for the property or message.

Use the filters

You can also the the Dictionary filter to show all the entries related to the SVG Icon Widget.

Select "svg icon" in the "associations" in the Filters section.

You can remove the filter by clicking on it again.

Open the Documentation from a widget

You can open the Documentation for a widget, or any other control,  from the context menu in the IDE.

Right-click on the widget and select "Show Documentation" from the menu. This will open the Dictionary entry for the SVG Icon widget.


Each widget also has a Guide. These can be found on the Guides tab of the Dictionary.


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