How do I add another card to my stack?

In this lesson we look at cards and how to add a new one to your stack.

Open you stack / Create a new one

First start by opening your stack or creating a new one

Open the Project Browser

Open the application browser

1) Go to the tools menu

2) Select 'Project Browser'

3) You'll see your stack on the list.

4) Expand it to view the list of cards in your stack

Add a new card

Add a new card

1) Right click on the card you would like the new card to be placed after

2) Select 'New Card'

That's it. You should now have a new card. To view it's properties, rename it, relayer it etc:

1) Right click on the card you would like to alter the properties of

2) Select 'Property Inspector'



...or just open the Object menu and choose New Card item (Command-N in OS X)


What does relayering of a card entail and for what purpose?
Sorry this only my second day on the course!

Hanson Schmidt-Cornelius

Hi Vince,

the layer allows you to specify the order in which controls and cards are displayed on the screen.
This is needed, for example, when controls overlap and you want to specify which one of the controls is visible on top and which one is below.

Kind Regards,



How about adding a card dynamically?

Hanson Schmidt-Cornelius

Hi Thom,

you can add a card from code using the following syntax:

new card

Kind Regards,


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