How to turn on Suppress Messages if you can't open a stack

Occasionally, you might find yourself in a situation where you cannot open a stack or progress in your code, because there is a script running which eg instantly quits when you open the stack. For example, if you created a project which had a 30 day trial system, it might happen that after 30 days you could not open the LiveCode Stack, because it detects the 30 days are up and immediately quits. Here's a handy way to resolve this problem.

Open LiveCode

First, open LiveCode, without opening your problem stack.

Use the "Messages" icon

In the Toolbar, find the Messages icon and click it.

This turns on "Suppress Messages". Now, when you open your problem stack, the messages that cause it to immediately quit are not sent, and you can open the stack and edit it. Don't forget to turn off Suppress Messages when you have fixed the culprit, or you will wonder why your stack does nothing!

Other ways to Suppress Messages

If you don't show the Toolbar in your copy of LiveCode, you can also turn off Messages from the Development menu:


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