How to use the Extension Builder

Once you have written a widget or library in LCB you need to be able to test, install and package it.

The Extension Builder allows you to do all these things.

Load your LCB file

  • Open the Extension Builder from the Tools menu
  • Click the "Open" button to select an  LCB file

Testing the Extension

To test the extension click the "Test Extension" button(1).

The extension will be loaded on a stack allowing you to test it(2). Any errors or logging statements will be output to the log field on the Extension builder(3).

If changes are required you can update the lcb file and then click the "Test Extension" button again to reload it.

Installing the Extension

When you are happy with your extension you can install it into the IDE by clicking the "Install" button.

Packaging the Extension

To package up your extension to allow it to be shared click the "Package" button. A .lce file will be created in the same folder as your lcb file. This is the packaged extension file which can be shared.


Installing Packaged Extensions

To install a packaged extension see this lesson - How to Install an extension using the Extension Manager.


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