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I get a warning about Malicious Software when opening a LiveCode Standalone on Mac

If you are running Mac Catalina or later, and you are trying to run an unnotarized LiveCode built app on a machine other than the one it was created on, you will get this warning. This article addresses how to get it running without going through the notarization process.

Open System Preferences

Open System Preferences (Apple menu> System preferences) and navigate to the Security and Privacy tab. You should see the app you just failed to open listed here. Click Open Anyway.

You will now get a dialog that allows you to click open for the app. The next time you open it, it will remember and just open.

Alternative route to opening

You can also get the app to open by first, clicking on the app in the regular way. You get the warning message. Cancel, and right click on the app icon.

Click open. You should then get the dialog that has the option to open anyway:

Click open, and the app will open, and remember your selection next time ie it will not present this dialog again.

This process is useful when you are casually distributing an app to eg friends and family, testers, or people within your organisation who know and trust you. If you are actually intending to ship an app, it is strongly recommended to go through the full notarization process, as described in this lesson.


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