Combining Random Text Strings

In this lesson we will see how to write a custom function that combines several literal strings with random words chosen from three lists to create an insult.

Note: The words list for this insult generator has been floating around the Internet for years. The original source is unknown.

Our custom function

We are going to write the function


The function chooses three words, two adjectives and a noun, from three lists of words. The any keyword selects a random word from each list.

Our example stack

Our example stack

For this lesson we need a stack containing 3 fields, holding our lists of words and a button to generate an insult.

The any keyword

We will use the any keyword to select a word from each list when generating the insult. The any keyword designates a randomly chosen member of a set.

The shakespeareanInsult() function

We will place the shakespeareanInsult() function on the card script, this gives the script direct access to the 3 fields as they are controls on the card.

To generate the insult we combine the string "Begone, thou" with a randomly chosen word from each string using the && operator. The && operator combines 2 strings and inserts a space between them.

function shakespeareanInsult
	return "Begone, thou" \
		&& any word of field "adjectives" \
		&& any word of field "compound adjectives" \
		&& any word of field "nouns" & "!"
end shakespeareanInsult

Calling the function

Calling the function

Now all we need to do is call the function from out button and use the answer command to display the result in an answer dialog.

on mouseUp
	answer shakespeareanInsult()
end mouseUp

Using custom properties instead of fields

If you wanted to include this function in a stack and you didn't want to use fields to store the lists of words you could use custom properties instead. If the custom properties belong to the card the function would be

function shakespeareanInsult
	return "Begone, thou" \
		&& any word of the cAdjectives of me \
		&& any word of the cCompoundAdjectives of me\
		&& any word of the cNouns of me & "!"
end shakespeareanInsult

We can use the keyword me as it refers to the object whose script contains the handler that is executing. In this case, me refers to the card.


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