How Do I Clear Data From a Data Grid?

Clearing the data out of a Data Grid is as easy as setting the dgData (or dgText) of the Data Grid to empty.



set the dgData of group "DataGrid" to empty



Hi everybody,
does someone have an idea why clearing a data grid works fine in livecode but not if I start the App on my Android phone? Even when I reinstall the app the old data remains in it?! Would be great if someone could give a hint.

Elanor Buchanan

Hi Bastian,

It sounds like the Data Grid library might not be being included in your standalone. Can you select the "Select Inclusions" option on the General pane of the Standalone Application Settings and ensure that DataGrid is selected in the Inclusions pane and try again.

I hope that helps.



Hi Elanor, thanks a lot. Exactly this was the problem!

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