Installing LiveCode on Mac

Download LiveCode From Your Account

First download the latest stable edition from the LiveCode section of your account as shown in the screenshot above.

Open the DMG file

Locate your download and double click it to open.

In the window that opens on your desktop, drag the LC icon (1) into the Applications folder (2)

A dialog should appear saying copying to Applications.

Check your Applications Folder

You should see LiveCode has been installed. To activate it please follow the steps in this lesson (how do I download and activate LiveCode).

Xcode and iOS

It is worth noting that you do need a version of Xcode installed on your Mac in order to build standalone applications. Check this lesson for the symptoms and solution of not having Xcode installed.

To build apps for iOS from your Mac, you will need to follow the steps in this lesson - please check the faq for the correct combination of Mac OS, iOS and Xcode for your version of LiveCode.


Nicholas Clark

This lesson only partly installs Livecode. It does not activate the [Test] button and all items under the Development menu item are grey. Do you guys really expect new users to have to try and google search, forum search on how to correctly install Livecode?

Heather Laine

Hello Nicholas. The test button only becomes active after you install the Android or iOS SDKs, it is for mobile testing. These installations are covered in our lessons on "Mobile Prerequisites" here:

If you are not developing for Mobile you do not need to install these.

In regards to the Development menu items being grey - I checked this but I could not reproduce it. I wonder if you possibly clicked on the "Text" menu, which is next to "Development"? These items would be grey if you had no text item selected to apply the menu to.

Nicholas Clark

Hi Heather. Unfortunately, LiveCode is a no go for me and I had followed the instructions and had deleted app and reinstalled it. When selecting the IOS SDK Preferences/Mobile Support - I get an error - the chosen folder is not a valid iOS SDK. Selected Xcode must have an iOS SDK amoung 8.2 9.2 10.2 11.2 12.1. I have the current version from the app store. As well... the TEST button is grayed out. the Development/Test Target is all greyed out. I can't run an application / simulate an application. I don't believe an install should be this hard.

Heather Laine

I think the issue here is probably that you have Xcode 10.2, and LiveCode requires 10.1. There is a faq here that tells you what works with which version:

You can install Xcode 10.1 and 10.2 side by side, this should not cause a problem. The Test button and "Test Target" will remain greyed out until you do have a valid SDK set up to work with LiveCode. I appreciate it can be a tricky process to get it set up initially.

If you continue to have issues with iOS setup, a better place to post comments on that would be in the iOS setup lesson, since that would be more likely to be found by other users when setting up for iOS.

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