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How do I set up an App for Submission to iTunes Connect?

This lesson describes how to submit information to Apple, prior to uploading a LiveCode application. It is assumed that you have signed up to the iOS Apple Developer Program and have appropriate privileges to access iTunes Connect. Screen captures that outline the steps are provided.


Before you can submit an application to the Apple store you must first set up information about the application you plan to submit. You can provide this information to Apple using iTunes Connect.

The information discussed here is reduced and is also covered on the Apple website. You can download more detailed information on the steps listed here from the iTunes Connect Developer Guide.

Note: The online form contains a number of circled question marks that provide you with hints and support if you require assistance with some of the information that is required.

Provide Basic Application Information

Provide Basic Application Information

Log into iTunes Connect by following the link: Then select Manage Your Applications from the home page. This provides you with access to applications you have already submitted, applications that are pending approval or applications you are about to set up and submit. In order to set up information for a new application, select the Add New App button. If you are a licensed developer for both iOS and Mac desktop applications, you are asked to specify the type of application you are adding. Select the iOS App button. Next you are passed to the App Information page. Fill in the required information as follows:

1. The App Name that is to appear in the App Store.

2. The SKU Number which is a unique identifier that you can use to identify your application.

3. The Bundle ID that is used to uniquely identify your product with Apple.

4. Select Continue.

Provide Date and Pricing

Provide Date and Pricing

The date and pricing page allows you to specify when your application is to become available and how much you expect to be paid for people downloading your application. You can access the pricing matrix to determine the amount paid to you from a specific price specified. This page also provides a link to specific stores, allowing you to specify regional stores from which your application should be accessible. Move to the next page by selecting Continue.

Provide Meta Data, Rating, EULA and Uploads

Provide Meta Data, Rating, EULA and Uploads

The Meta Data, Rating, EULA and Uploads page allows you to provide information that is used to associate your application with search queries, contact information, an age rating, a license agreement and images that can be displayed at different stages when potential customers browse for your application or download it to their device. Once you have provided all the required information, select Save.

Note: Be sure to create images with the correct dimensions for upload. Incorrectly sized images will not load.

Summary Information

Summary Information

Once you have saved all of the required information, you are presented with an application information page. From there, select View Details to take you to the View Details screen. Then select the Ready to Upload Button. You are then required to answer a question about export compliance. Once you have completed the compliance requirements, you can move onto Ready for Upload.

You are now ready to build an app for distribution by following lesson: How do I Submit an iOS App to the App Store?  

Note: You can only load your application using the Application Loader, once the status of your application is Waiting for Upload in iTunes Connect.



i did all of this and i am getting an error message "invalid binary" can anybody help with this. my app works fine in the simulator and on the iPhone. Thank you

Gonçalo Miguel

Hello every new iOS developers,
at this moment the "iOS Provisioning Portal" at Apple developer site is very simple, just log in and go to this:

launch the Assistant, and in 5 minutes you are ready to go.

Hanson Schmidt-Cornelius

Hi Nick,

you need to make sure that the file you are submitting has been zipped. There is a comment about this on the lesson: "How do I Submit an iOS App to the App Store?"


After submitting an app to iTunes how do I change the answers to questions regarding Export Compliance?

Hanson Schmidt-Cornelius

Hi Absr8689,

setting the Export Compliance is part of the app store submission process and requires you to follow the process that Apple stipulates. Apple provides information on setting that information on their "Adding New Apps" page under the heading: "Authorizing for Export and Indicating Legal Issues. You may have to expand the information by selecting a little triangle.

Here is the URL that works at the time of writing this comment:

Kind Regards,



I did all that but uploading my application.ipa using application loader I get a message from application loader: "Invalid provisioning profile .... missing code signing certificate ....

But to my knowledge I did all steps for getting the needed certificates from the iOS Developer site.

Even if that seems not to be a livecode problem but more an apple problem, I am unable to solve it.
And thus I am unable to distribute my Livecode app.


Elanor Buchanan

Hi Bernd

Are you using your distribution certificate to build the standalone you are uploading to iTunes Connect? You can't use a development certificate for distributing your app.

We have a lesson on setting up a development certificate here

I would also suggest checking your certificates and provisioning profiles on the Apple Developer site and making sure everything looks ok.

I hope that helps.

Kind regards



Can I confirm that bundle id in this case is the internal app ID that must match in the standalone settings in the LiveCode Project? If so, how do I create a bundle ID?

Elanor Buchanan

Hi Evan

Yes that is correct. You create the App ID on the Apple Developer site. You can see a brief description in this lesson, in the "Create App ID" step.

The screenshots in this lesson are a bit out of date so I recommend having a look at the Apple documentation too.

I hope that helps.

Kind regards


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