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How to create a free iOS Development Provisioning Profile

In order to develop and test iOS apps in the iOS Simulator and on devices all you need is an Apple Developer Account.

When you want to distribute your apps on the App Store you can join the Apple Developer Program.

Creating a Development Provisioning Profile

To test your app you need is a development provisioning profile. This is used to sign your app when you build a standalone.

This page provides all the information you need to create and install your provisioning profile.

Before creating a provisioning profile you need

You can then create your provisioning profile.

You can also create an Ad Hoc profile.


Configuring LiveCode

Open LiveCode open and ensure Xcode is linked in the Mobile Support pane of the LiveCode Preferences.

If it is not linked, then use the Add Entry button and select your Xcode instance.

Standalone Application Settings

With Xcode linked, open the stack you wish to deploy to your iOS device and open its Standalone Application Settings from the File Menu.  Navigate to the the iOS pane and check the Build for box. You can then change your iOS standalone settings as required.

Two very important settings that need to be set correctly are Internal App ID and Profile. The internal app ID needs to be the bundle identifier associated with the development provisioning profile and the profile should be the one you just created.

Once all these items are set, you can close the standalone application settings window.

Testing on the Simulator or Device

You can now test your app on a simulator or device.

Choose the simulator or device you want to test on from the Development -> Test Target Menu then choose Test from the Development Menu or click the Test button in the Menubar.

Note: You will only be able to test on physical devices that are associated with the selected provisioning profile.


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