Add a Logo to the Background

What We Are Going to Do

In this lesson we are going to add a logo to our window.

Make Some Space

We need some more space at the top of this window for the logo. The first thing we want to do is move the list field down.

Select Edit Tool

Select Field and Drag Down

Select the list field and drag it down to create more space at the top.

Import Image File

Select File > Import As Control > Image File...

Select File

Select the graphic file and click Open.

Where is the Graphic?

You have now imported the graphic but you can't see it. Why not? Because it is behind the video. If you remember from our previous lesson, the video will always be drawn on top of everything as long as the buffer setting is checked. This is normally good as it make the video playback more smoothly. But while we are positioning controls on our screen it is bad since we can't see our controls.

Let's turn off the buffer setting momentarily while we are moving things around.

Select the Video

Notice that the graphic we imported appears. You might think that you can now move the image around and everything will be fine. Not true. When you click and drag on the graphic you won't be able to see it because of that video buffer setting. So let's turn off the buffer.



Turn off Buffer

Go to the inspector palette for the video and uncheck the buffer setting.

Drag Image to Upper Left

Now drag the image to the upper left of the screen.

Turn Buffer Back On

We want to turn the buffer back on since that will give us better video performance. Just select the video again and check Buffer in the inspector palette.


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