Organizing Your Video Files

Before we build the menu you will need to organize your video files into a single folder that resides alongside your stack file.

Locate Stack File

Locate Stack File

Locate the stack file that you saved early on.

Create New Folder

Create New Folder

Create a new folder alongside the stack file.

Name the folder Videos.

Place Videos in Folder

Place Videos in Folder

Place any videos you want to make available in your application inside this folder.



I want to play mp4 videos I upload to my youTube account in a Player in my stack. I made a simple stack that will play videos located on my Mac. I am unable to get this stack/player to play videos from the web - using valid URLs to test. How do I do this?

Elanor Buchanan

Hi Terry

The best way to do this is to use a Browser widget. You can find a lesson on this method here

I hope that helps.


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