How do I assign a license to another user?

If your company or organisation has more than one LiveCode user, and you are the main account holder, then you may have several licenses in your account, which you want to assign to another named user. This lesson will show you how.

Identify the license you want to assign

Identify the license you want to assign

Here I have a 20 seat license, and none of the seats are currently assigned. I want to assign the first license to myself, and the rest of these licenses to the students who will be using them. First I click on the dropdown "Please Select" menu.

Enter the user details

Enter the user details

A list of emails associated with this account appears. If you have never assigned any licenses from your account, the only address that will appear will be your own. I've selected the email associated with this account, so that I can use the top license here.

I've now assigned the top license to myself. If there are no seats assigned to a license, that license will not be operational. You must have at least the top seat selected to be able to use the license.

Adding another user

Thats it!

I'm now going to assign the second seat to someone who does not have a seat already associated with this account. To do this, I need to click the grey "+" sign.

Enter the details for the new license holder. You need to enter First name (1), Last name (2) and email address. Then click on Add Seat (4). If they do not have an account already in our system, one will be automatically created for them and an email sent to that address to notify the person.

The license has now been assigned. That user can log in using the email address you assigned the license on, and activate LiveCode using those login details. If they did not previously have a LiveCode account, one will automatically have been created for them, and a password emailed to that address.

Removing a seat

If you later want to reassign this seat to someone else, you can remove the user by clicking the X next to the license and changing the details.


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