I have a valid license but LC says it is expiring

If you see a dialog saying you have x days remaining on your license, and you are positive you have an active subscription which should not be expiring, you are probably using the wrong license. To switch licenses to the valid one, please follow these steps.

Go to the Help menu, and choose Relicense LiveCode

You will see a dialog asking if you are sure you want to relicense. Click ok.

Restart LiveCode

Accept the license agreement and enter your credentials in the licensing dialog.

Select your license

In the top right corner of the next screen, click on the arrows to scroll over and see all the licenses available to you. Select the correct license here. In this case, I've scrolled over to find my new "Pro Features" license:

Click "Use License" when you have selected the license you want to activate. That's it! You have now relicensed LiveCode.


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