Original UI

These lessons you will show you how Karen Hughes' stock program was converted to use the data grid.

This is what the original UI looks like. We are going to convert the the list of stocks from a field to a data grid table.


Douglas Morgan

I'm less interested in the layout in a data grid (a tabbed list of fewer than 200 stocks/ETFs) that are sought on a daily basis, and which change every Thursday, based on the new list from CBOE.

I haven't found the embedded code for online access to my brokerage house, for stock/option prices for my sifting and sorting.

Have I missed it somewhere? Is the entire program available on the site? So I can DL it? Or is it just a modification to the UI?

Love the product...just need help using it...

Best regards,

Douglas Morgan

Hanson Schmidt-Cornelius

Hi Douglas,

there is a sample stack implementation of a web browser that is part of the LiveCode distribution bundle. You can find the sample stack in the relative location of your LiveCode installation in: /Contents/Tools/Resources/Examples/Browser Sample.rev

This should provide you will all the information you need to access the data from the brokerage house.

Kind Regards,


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