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John Tripp

why does the programme not compile?
repeat for each line thisLine in the text of field tableName
put word 1 of thisLine & comma after listTableX
put word 2 of thisLine & comma after listTableY
end repeat
the program says chink: can't create a variable with that name (explicitVariables?() near listTableX, char 38 for line
put word 1 of thisLine & comma after listTableX
it appears to be an exact copy of the code in the help page but this error is poping up more and more often and I cannot find any reference to what it means or how to adjust - why d you have code in the help file that does not work?

Hanson Schmidt-Cornelius

Hi John,

the reason you are getting this is because you probably have variable checking switched on and you are not declaring the variables.

Variable checking is a good thing, as it encourages good development practices. You can switch it off by clicking the script editor and then selecting: "Edit -> Variable Checking."

If you want to keep this feature on (recommended), then add: "local listTableX, listTableY" before you use these variables.

Kind Regards,


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