How Do I Customize Column Sorting?

This lesson will demonstrate how to customize sorting for columns by handling the SortDataGridColumn message that is sent when the user clicks on a column.

A Data Grid Table

A Data Grid Table

I am going to customize when happens when this table is sorted by the Line Number column.

The Data Grid Group Script

The Data Grid Group Script

In the script for the data grid I added the above handler. SortDataGridColumn is called whenever the dgProps["sort by column"] property is set. This includes when the user clicks on a column header to sort.

The way SortDataGridColumn works is simple. If you pass the message then the data grid will use the default column sorting routines (1). If you don't pass the message then the data grid will not perform any sorting (2) and (3).

I want Line Number to just reverse the current sort so I call ReverseSort which is a built-in data grid helper that reverses whatever the current sort order is(2).

The Result

The Result

Clicking on the Line Number column now reverses the sort.

Custom Sort Example

## Place in Data Grid script.

## This example shows how to perform a custom sort of data. This is similar

## to the internal routine that the data grid uses.

on SortDataGridColumn pColumn

## Begin by building a list of lines with two items (tab delimited)

## The first item is the index of each record stored in the data grid.

## The second item is the key you are going to sort on.

put the dgData of me into theDataA

repeat for each key theIndex in theDataA

put theIndex & tab & theDataA[theIndex][pColumn] & cr after theData

end repeat

delete the last char of theData

set the itemdelimiter to tab

## perform sort. Lookup the current sort direction for this column

## and use that as sort direction

put the dgColumnSortDirection[pColumn] of me into theSortDirection

if theSortDirection is "ascending" then

sort lines of theData ascending by item 2 to -1 of each #


sort lines of theData descending by item 2 to -1 of each

end if

## Rebuild the order of indexes in the data grid

put empty into theIndexSequencing

repeat for each line theLine in theData

put item 1 of theLine & comma after theIndexSequencing

end repeat

delete the last char of theIndexSequencing

## Set the dgIndexes property to new order

set the dgIndexes of me to theIndexSequencing

## Tell data grid to hilite column

HiliteAndStoreSortByColumn pColumn

end SortDataGridColumn


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