What is the Data Grid?

The Revolution Data Grid enables you to integrate powerful tables and forms into your Revolution projects. Data grids combine Revolution groups and behaviors to provide you with a simple, yet flexible means of displaying your data in just about any way you want.

A Data Grid Table

A Data Grid Table

The table style of a data grid allows you to display your data in a modern looking table complete with headers, sorting, column alignment and more. By default a data grid table will use a Revolution field to each column of each row. If you need to customize a column with graphics you can define your own templates for each column. A custom template can be any Revolution control such as a graphic or group.

A Data Grid Form

A Data Grid Form

The form style of a data grid (1) is similar to a list field (2) in Revolution in that it allows you to display records from a data source (text file, database, XML, etc.) that the user can select.

The difference is that the data grid uses a group as a template for each record. This means that for each record you display you can create rich user interfaces using menus, images, etc.

The data grid form is also very fast as it only draws the records that are currently visible on the screen. This means you can display large records sets without slow performance.

Because the data grid form is so easy to use it is not only limited to displaying lots of records. Any list where you want a rich UI and complete control over layout and processing of engine events can benefit from being displayed using a data grid form.


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