Simple Login System

In this lesson we will teach you how to create a simple login system that can be used on your stack.  Although this is a simple method of implemeting such a feature, it can be built upon to create more advanced systems

Create a new stack

Create a new stack

1) Create a new stack

2) Name the stack  "Login Test"

3) Name this first card "Login"

Create a new card

Create a new card

1) Create a new card and call it  "accessed"

Setup accessed card

Setup accessed card

1) Add label field with "Access Granted"

2) Add button with following script

on mouseUp

  go to the first card

end mouseUp


Create Login card elements

Create Login card elements

1) Navigate to log in card

2) Create two input fields. One called username and one called password

3) Create two label fields. One with its contents set to "Username" and the other "Password"

4) Create a button and set its label to "Login"


Edit the script of the card

Edit the script of the card

Place the following in your card script

local sUsername, sPassword

on openCard

  put "johnsmith" into sUsername

  put "pa55word" into sPassword

end openCard

on loginCheck

  if field "username" is sUsername and field "password" is sPassword then

     answer "Login Successful"

     go to card "accessed"


     answer "Details Incorrect. Please try again!"

  end if

end loginCheck


Edit the script of the "Login Button"

Edit the script of the "Login Button"

Call the "loginCheck"  handler from the mouseUp of this button

Test the Script

Test the Script

The above script puts a defined username and password into a variable and then the loginCheck handler checks if the contents of the username and password fields matches these values.

If a match is successful then you progress to the next card. However, if details are in-correct then an answer dialog is shown.


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