Retrieve file list from web directory

The following explains one method to extract a file list from an online web directory.

n.b. In this lesson we will be retrieving a list from an "on-rev" web directory. There may be slight differences when retrieving the data from different web hosts

Create and Setup new Stack

Create and Setup new Stack

1) Give the stack a name

2) Add a scrolling list field called "data". Set its text to centre and increase the font size

3) Add a button and set its label to "get file list"

View intial source of directory

View intial source of directory

We will want to use the source data of our web directory in order to extract the required data from it. We can view the source data of the following test site by executing the folloiwng script in the message box

put url "" into field "data"

From the above screen, you can see that the source includes alot of data that we dont need. The next step will cover how to remove this and extract the data that we need


Extracting the data

Add the folloing script to your button-

on mouseUp

  put url ("") into tURL

  put empty into field "data"

  delete line 1 to 8 of tURL

  delete line -3 to -1 tURL

  set the itemdel to quote

  repeat with x = 1 to the number of lines of tURL

     put item 6 of line x of tURL into tData

     put cr after tData

     put tData after field "data"

  end repeat

  replace "%20" with space in field "data"

end mouseUp

A breakdown of this script is-

1) Aquires the source

2) Clear any existing data from the field

3) Removes any non-needed lines of text

4) We set the item delimiter to quote

5) Set up a repeat look to loop through the lines of the remaining text and place the desired item into field "data". As the item delimiter is quote, then item 6 of each line is the list we need

6) The list will contain  "%20" where spaces should be, so replacing these with spaces makes things more aesthetically pleaseing.



The result

The result

The result of this script can be seen above.

As this is a list field, the data associate with the selected line can be retrieved with the following script-

put the selectedText of field "data"




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