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Dynamic card creation navigation menu

This lesson demonstrates how to dynamically update a navigation menu as cards are created.

The menuPick message

The menuPick message is sent when the user chooses a menu item from the menu. Remember that in LiveCode, menus are usually implemented as buttons:  the button's style and menuMode properties control how it is displayed, and the button's text property is used as the list of menu items. When the user chooses an item from the menu, the menuPick message is sent to the button, triggering this handler.

Setting up the menu

The menu is initially set up to contain menu items for going to the previous or next cards, and for creating a new card, with appropriate separators. Once you have set up the menu, creating a card automatically adds the new card's name to the menu. In this example, the initial text of the menu button, which you can enter in the button's properties pane, looks like this:

Previous Student

Next Student


New Student


As new cards are created, the list of students will be placed at the end of the menu, after the last "(-" separator line.  

The menuPick handler

The menuPick handler does different things depending on the menu item. If the user chooses "Previous Student" or "Next Student", the handler simply goes to the previous or next card.

If the user chooses "New Student", the handler requests the student's name, then creates a card with that name, and adds the new card's name to the end of the menu (after the separator line). When a user chooses one of the card names, the handler goes to that card.

The default keyword is useful here because we don't know the wording of all the menu items when writing the handler. Using a switch statement, we can set up a case for each of the menu items we know about, "Previous Student", "Next Student", and "New Student", and write a default case to handle all other possibilities in a generic way.

The menuPick handler code

on menuPick pItem

switch pItem

case "Previous Student"

go previous card


case "Next Student"

go next card


case "New Student"

## create a new card and put its name in the menu:

ask "Please enter the student's name:"

if it is empty then

exit menuPick

end if


lock screen

go last card ## so the new student is placed at the end

create card it  ## card's name is student name entered above

put return & it after me ## add name to bottom of menu

unlock screen


## if none of the previous cases apply, it's a card:

if there is a card pItem then

go card pItem



end if

end switch

end menuPick


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