Using Images

LiveCode supports a wide variety of image formats, including the popular PNG and JPEG formats. You can display images in your stack, edit images and export images.

Importing Images

Importing Images

You can import images into your stack, the image becomes a LiveCode image object on the card.

To import an image choose File - > Import as Contol -> Image file and select the image you want to import. Once the image is imported you can select it, move it and resize it just as you can with any other control.

Referencing Images

Referencing Images

You can also reference images by filename.

1. Create a stack

2. Add an image object to the stack

3. Open the Property Inspector of the image object

4. Click the folder icon next to the Source field, this allows you to select an image file stored on the file system

5. The referenced image is displayed in the image object

The advantage of referencing images by filename is that the size of your stack is not increased as the image is not a part of the stack. However if you want your users to be able to see the images you reference you will need to distribute them with your application.

Relative and Absolute Paths

You can also set the filename property of an object in script.

You can use both relative and absolute file paths for desktop applications, relative paths are always resolved in relation to the current folder. For example:

set the filename of image "logo" to "enterprise.gif"

This works as long as the image is in the current folder. You can check what the current folder is by getting the value of the defaultFolder property.

Referencing Images on a Server

Referencing Images on a Server

You can also set the filename property of an image to an http url.

For example:

set the filename of image "logo" to ""

Using the Paint Tools

Using the Paint Tools

You can use the LiveCode paint tools to create images:

1. Add an image area to the stack

2. Ensure the paint tools are shown in the Tools Palette by clicking the fold out triangle

3. Select one of the paint tools

4. The paint tool can be used within the image area

Exporting Images

You can export images from your stack using the url keyword.

put image "logo" into url ("binfile:" & specialFolderPath("desktop") & "/logo.png")

If you want to export an image in a format other than the format it is currently stored in you can use the export command.

export image "logo" to file "logo.jpg" as JPEG

Note: Referenced images cannot be exported to file using the url keyword, you can use the export command in this case.


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